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Welcome to my site. My stories delve deeply into the dimension of Spirit. I call my stories Meta-fiction. My story lines explore metaphysical concepts mixed with a little science fiction and fantasy.

I have created products to go with the stories so check out the Softball Soul® line and my Down Syndrome awareness merch inspired by our Sophia. Say tuned as more products become available. Some products from my shop are also available on Amazon and Etsy, search “Soparia Inc”.

I will also be launching, “Market of the Soul”, a multi vendor marketplace that highlights women business owners.

Also look for “Merging Vines”, another multi vendor marketplace that showcases wine blends.

Cheers, Susette

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Since I don’t go a single day without reading channeled material I want to highlight channelers and spiritual teachers that inspire me. These teachers have done the internal work to become clear and authentic voices of Spirit. Start your mornings off in the highest vibration available to you. Enjoy! READ MORE >


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